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About Us 

Believe it or not the Massie & Butler Career Management story started in a classroom in 1980. That’s not to say that the business has been around for 40 years, far from it, our approach to career management is cutting edge and bang up to date! No, the reason it all started in 1980 is that Neil Massie and Adam Butler originally met in Mrs. Antcliffe’s class at the Firs School in Chester. Both were typically enthusiastic (aka “naughty”) boys and shared similar passions for marbles, football and chips. 
Sadly for the duo ☹ (possibly happily for everyone else including Mrs. Antcliffe!) they went their separate ways for a few years after primary school but as fate would have it they met up again in 2015 through their careers in recruitment having both done considerable work in the field of career consultancy and management. Fast forward to 2020 and they have formalised their partnership and brought together considerable experience working with ambitious individuals enabling them to achieve their career goals using the latest thinking and proven career development strategies. The really good news for you (according to the people we have been fortunate enough to work with so far) is that they are a formidable force, super focused and great fun to be around. So why not pick up the phone today and have a chat with us? 

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