I don’t think there has ever been a better word to describe 2020. Let’s face it, 
it’s been a real SHITSHOW hasn’t it?! Here we all were getting sick of hearing nothing other than the “B” word (yes that thing that’s reared its ugly head again of late, as Boris fumbles around like a spotty teenager telling us all not to panic, or was that to panic, or maybe panic a little but wash your hands...and sing “Rule Brittania,” while you’re at it...twice?!) 
By March and April we were all hankering for good old Brexit to reassume its place at the top table of media frenzy. Has anything so important (and yet so dull) ever been relegated to the higher numbered tabloid and broadsheet papers so comprehensively before, in such a short space of time? And here we are, relieved almost that a news bulletin can now perhaps lead with good old Brexit once in a while. Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again! What a relief! 
So, Covid! Corona, The Virus, or as the young and hip seem to call it, “Rona.” What a complete and utter shitshow. As I’ve suggested, has there ever been a better use of a word? A shitshow across the board. A galactic shitshow. The shittest show that ever (well, since 1919 or maybe 1945?) hit town. Towns all across the land and across the world. A pure shitshow extravaganza. 
I make no apologies for my first blog on the Massie & Butler website using this word repeatedly, as I know I will have no dissenters. Some will claim that it’s no shitshow for Bill Gates, whom as the conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers claim is the devil behind all of this! Please stop! 
So, here we are, all aboard ‘Planet Earth Shitshow.’ On Planet Earth Shitshow I sincerely wish you and your loved ones the best of health as we approach Christmas, if Christmas is your thang! A Christmas like no other in recent memory and certainly a Christmas that will be talked about for years to come, much like the Christmas that the British and the Germans spent somewhere on the Western Front in 1914 . That was an almighty shitshow too but the boys downed tools and had a game of togga, so the story goes. And that is the solace that we perhaps all need to take from this calamitous year. Humans find a way, find a way to overcome the shittest show there is and turn horrific adversity into positivity. 
Ignore the naysayers and doom-mongers who claim the vaccines are evil, corrupt and represent the greed of big pharma. They are a modern miracle, those political and economic battles are for another day, another time. We have hope! We have a way forward and there is a chink of light at the end of this horrendously long tunnel. We have all suffered together and we have felt the spirit of togetherness. Yes, there will be some who have lost so much more than others and it is up to us to help, to support, to carry those souls less fortunate in the lottery of Covid 19 and its misdemeanours. 
The UK will bounce back. It may not be the UK we once knew and perhaps you’d rather it was a UK still in its influential role as a member of the EU? Perhaps not? But let’s not spoil this first blog with politics. One thing is for sure, the UK’s people are strong, the UK’s people have ingenuity in buckets and the UK’s people really never know when they are beaten. 
Most of all though, the UK’s people are brave and I like to think, mostly kind. So let’s carry on being brave and being kind to each other. 
Massie & Butler has largely come about as a result of Covid 19. Experience gained over a decade ago during another, albeit less severe, shitshow, ‘The Credit Crunch,’ means that we are well placed to rise to the challenges faced by the country’s workforce again. Whoever you are and whatever you do (well maybe not you, Bill Gates) we can help you to find your way again. You’ll need a great CV and you’ll need the matching LinkedIn profile to help you navigate the stormy waters ahead. You might also need a good brew and the chance to offload, we are great listeners. It’s what we do! 
There’s nothing we like better than to bring clarity and clear focus for our clients. Yes, there will be job losses, possibly like we have never seen before and yes, there will be struggle. Having the best tools will be more important than ever before and it’s imperative that you take action and tackle your situation, whether that be redundancy or loss of your business. It’s critical your CV and LinkedIn, your “Brand You,” are ready to represent you in what will be a tough jobs market for many. What I am sure of, from this shitshow to end all shitshows, is there will be opportunity and there will be growth. Are you ready to take the steps to make sure you are primed for action? 
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