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Massie & Butler Online Course 

Having spoken to lots of people over the years we’ve realised than some people want a deeply personal consultancy service whilst others want to be able to do more themselves in their own time, and maybe even save a few bob (whilst still getting full value). If you are the latter then our online course is the perfect solution. We’ve teamed up with a world class online course provider to give you access to a unique “Five Steps to work” career guidance programme. 
Module 1  
Too often ignored, this covers the vital first step of thinking about yourself - your values, motivators and skills - and how these shape the kind of job you should look for and where your strengths can bring the greatest value. 
Module 2  
Building from a basis of self-understanding, this module helps you identify your target market - where to focus your search efforts and how to make the most of the channels of communication available to you - equipping you with everything you need to target your job search effectively. 
Module 3 
This module focuses on the all-important CV - how best to present yourself, how to tailor your skills and experience to each role, and how to deliver a powerful message to prospective employers. 
Module 4  
For many people interviews pose the biggest challenge. In this module you will learn useful tools, tips and techniques to built confidence and help you sell yourself successfully in even the most challenging interview situations. 
Module 5  
Along with summarising your learnings, the programme concludes by addressing all the things you can do post-interview to stand out from the crowd and turn your interviews into job offers. 
Get in touch with Neil and Adam today and find out how we can help you and your career. 
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